Service Desk & ITIL

Gemini provides a flexible solution for Service Desk & ITIL — track incidents across different verticals


Communication workflows

Gemini automates all inbound and outbound communication so that every stakeholder is part of the feedback loop, without exception.


Transformation when required

Sometimes things are not what they seem. Gemini enhances your ITIL experience by allowing items to be morphed from one type to another whilst retaining all previous history.

single source


There are many facets to IT operations. Gemini unifies the service desk, help desk and diverse project teams so the business can collaborate around a single version of the truth.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Not every customer or request is the same. Gemini SLA support enables you to define different levels of customer treatment so you can meet your obligations and focus on what matters right now.


Automatic timely escalation

Minimize dropped balls. Ensure that everything that matters is handled correctly and routed to the right person at the right time, no matter how many customers you have to service or how demanding they are.


Project templates & taxonomy

Nobody wants a tool that doesn't fit the way people work. Gemini was the first product in it's class with Project Templates giving every team a Tracker that speaks their language. Tool adoption problem solved!


Automatic alerts

Lack of communication kills projects faster than anything else. Gemini allows people to subscribe for email alerts, daily digest and subscribe other co-workers. No more 'nobody told me' meetings.


Instant Metrics

Gemini makes setting up your team or project dashboard simple so that everyone sees the numbers that matter.


Robust reporting

How about delivering that key report every Monday morning at 9am, without doing anything? Gemini will automatically deliver any number of reports to any users or groups.

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Cloud pricing starts from just $10 per user per month.
Self-host perpetual pricing starts from just $850 for 10 users.

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