Help Desk Ticketing

Gemini provides help desk ticketing so your customers can communicate with you through email


Convert emails to tickets

Your problems start when you have customers. Gemini can intercept inbound support emails, turn them into tickets, sent an acknowledge email to the customer and notify the relevant people.

level up

Self-help customer ticket portal

Sometimes customers demand close interaction. Gemini allows customers to collaborate with project teams by providing controlled access whilst protecting sensitive data.

fine tune

Custom Workflows

Stick with what works for you. Gemini allows even the most demanding process to be visually drag-drop designed in minutes - decide who can set workflow state and when.


Track the numbers

Gemini makes setting up your team or project dashboard simple so that everyone sees the numbers that matter.


Flow tickets to work

Incoming tickets can result in new work — break down requests, bug reports into tasks and link up so customers can see the progress.


Automatic alerts

Lack of communication kills projects faster than anything else. Gemini allows people to subscribe for email alerts, daily digest and subscribe other co-workers. No more 'nobody told me' meetings.


Keep them in the loop

How about delivering that key report every Monday morning at 9am, without doing anything? Gemini will automatically deliver any number of reports to any users or groups.

Streamline your work management. Start with Gemini today.

Cloud pricing starts from just $10 per user per month.
Self-host perpetual pricing starts from just $850 for 10 users.

Leading brands trust Gemini to run business operations
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