Bug Tracking

Gemini empowers your team to keep on top of bugs & defects with capture, filter and triage capabilities


Bug tracking for modern teams

Gemini bug tracking provides reusable filters that enable you to find bugs of interest and then save your search for subsequent use. Share filters that represent daily, weekly, monthly or team views of bugs to fix. Use these to run your development team meetings for better bug management.


Multi-Project Filters

Hunting for things that you need to find right now is a pain. Gemini's instant one-click, keyboard-centric cross-project filter puts what you need front and center.


Dependency management

Break down complex changes into smaller manageable items with no project limits. Assign items to multiple team members whilst the system controls workflow.


Work Scheduling

Getting people to follow the correct work order can be challenging. Simply drag-drop to define who should do what and in what sequence even if you are planning work across multiple projects and teams.

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Time Tracking

Ineffective time tracking and estimations can impact any project. Use Gemini to record work estimates and log time entries with simple roll-up time reporting.

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Custom Workflows

Stick with what works for you. Gemini allows even the most demanding process to be visually drag-drop designed in minutes - decide who can set workflow state and when.


Customized data capture and triage

Define custom fields, determine who sees whcih field and when — complete enterprise-grade flexibility to map the simple and the complex.


Testing & Traceability

Customer reported problems will arise. Gemini brings complete test plan management so that Testers can associate their work with development activity and customer incidents.


Visual planning at scale

Things can get a little hectic when managing large projects and teams. Gemini's agile Board sets the benchmark for visual task management with Lane Limits, Card Limits, Color Bys, Dual Axes, Dynamic Rows and more. Scrum, Kanban or any methodology you are using, Gemini can do it.

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Release Management

Automatically generated Road Maps and Change Logs provide forward-looking and historic views of the project, highlighting what is coming up and team achievements. Gemini breaks information down into easy chunks so that users quickly grasp what is being presented - Nested Releases. Gemini also provides Burndown Charts for Scrum management.


Robust reporting

How about delivering that key report every Monday morning at 9am, without doing anything? Gemini will automatically deliver any number of reports to any users or groups.


Loop people into comms

Sometimes the people that need-to-know can't see what you see. With Gemini you can subscribe them to receive notifications when things change that affect their world.

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