Solutions For Every Scenario

Tracking, Ticketing, ITIL or Service Level Agreements Gemini has a solution for it

Gemini can provide a solution to any number of scenarios you have. With our unique project templates Gemini can adapt the user interface and speak your project's taxonomy. The workspace feature allows you to focus on the data that really matter.
Issue Tracking

Issue Tracking

Gemini's Issue Tracking removes the need to micro-manage the processing of issues and communication around them. You control what information is captured, the workflow and notifications.

Issue Tracking
Bug Tracking

Bug Tracking

Bugs are natural part of software development, Gemini Bug Tracking helps you track, manage and resolve them faster. Integrated Testing allows you to make sure that those bugs won't come back.

Bug Tracking
Agile and SCRUM

Agile & Scrum

SCRUM, Kanban or whatever agile methodology you use Gemini has it all. Powerful sprint progress reports allows you to make sure that you will not miss your due date and upset your customers.

Agile & Scrum
Help Desk and Ticketing

Help Desk Ticketing

With Gemini your help desk function is fully integrated with the rest of your organization so that the management of problems is no longer a problem for you. Get everyone on the same page.

Help Desk
ITIL and Service Desk

ITIL & Service Desk

Not every customer is the same. Gemini ITIL & Service Desk enables you to define different levels of customer treatment so you can meet your obligations and focus on what matters right now.

Project Tracking

Project Tracking

Plan, collaborate and prioritize project work easily using Gemini's project tracking. Track unlimited projects without the need to jump between different project pages. Get reports delivered to your inbox.

Project Tracking
Test Management

Test Management

Gemini Testing is nimble so that anyone and everyone can use it. Run Test Plans and link Test Cases to issues to any item. Raise bugs from tests and get full Traceability Reporting.

Test Management
Requirement Capture

Requirements Capture

We all need to capture and track our requirements, Gemini allows you to do that easily. Customize your capture screens to suit your needs and add the requirement's tasks to it.

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Our People & Process Mission

Centralize Know-how & Intel

  • Focus the right minds with the right intel on the right subject so you can achieve the impossible.

Take The Pain From Mundane

  • Automate the hell out of routine so you stay focused on your day job and go home on time.

Channel Noise & Interruptions

  • Turn down the noise from email and high maintenance models so you can think and work in peace.

Care For Your Stakeholders

  • Build bridges that manage the different flows so you don’t get snarled up in stakeholder traffic.