Introducing SharePoint, Visual Studio and TFS Connectors + Stop-watch Time Recording!

22nd March 2013

The 5.1.7 release introduces exciting new capabilities and Microsoft connectors.

SharePoint Connector

Gemini wraps killer workflow around SharePoint document libraries so users can work the way they want.
Attach SharePoint documents to change requests, requirements, bug fixes, enhancements and any other type of item in Gemini.
Select documents in SharePoint and in one-click wrap them up with a Gemini item workflow.

SharePoint connector

TFS Connector

The Gemini TFS Picker enables users to associate TFS Work Items with any type of item in Gemini.
Enable non-technical co-workers to make requests and requirements in Gemini and associate actual development tasks from TFS.

TFS connector

Visual Studio 2010 & 2012 Connectors

The Gemini Visual Studio connector allow developers to capture screenshots, record time and view their workload inside Visual Studio.
The stop-watch style time recording (which was first introduced back in 2010) has been enhanced to support concurrent time recording against multiple items.

Visual Studio connectors

Gemini Desktop

The Gemini Desktop application for Windows users provides screen capture and stop-watch style time recording.
The application will minimize to the Windows System Tray for quick access.

Gemini Desktop

...and 30+ Improvements!

See the complete change log for all the improvements we have made to make your Gemini experience even better!

Test Drive & Download

  • Get in touch if you want to try the new SharePoint and the TFS connectors.
  • Download the latest Gemini product release.

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