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Gemini v7.2.0 - OAuth 2 / Google App Passwords, Responsive UI upgrades, and a problem solved.

03rd July 2021

Gemini now supports OAuth 2 for Gmail users, as well as the much simpler but equally secure Google App Passwords. iPhone and Android Apps are deprecated in favor of a more responsive grid and a single code base that we shall continue to improve.

What's New

OAuth and App Password Integration with Google

This is a critical update, as Google (like Microsoft) has withdrawn support for Basic (Username and Password) Authentication.
For Google, you do not have to configure OAuth, you can use an App Password, which is much easier to set up.
Please note that OAuth in Gmail currently requires you to have a paid account, but App Passwords do not, they only require you enable 2FA on the account.

Please follow Google's instructions online to create a Client Id and Client Secret for OAuth 2 or follow the instructions online for the much simpler App Password,
which you can use in place of the email account password. Please note that to create an App Password you currently need to enable 2FA on the email account.

Superior Responsive Performance

Countersoft is discontinuing support for iPhone and Android apps. We are returning to our philosophy of one codebase for all of Gemini.
Constant changes in these app marketplaces are onerous to support, and most of Gemini?s functionality is unsuited to smartphones.
The functionality supported on small devices are the grid and View Item pages; below a certain size the menu for other functionality will sensibly disappear.

Read Only with Comments

In addition to the Read Only role, we have created an additional permission - 'Read Only With Comments'
allowing users to be designated as Read Only while still letting them comment on items.

Solved! Duplicate Follower Emails

In multiple versions of Gemini, some customers with multiple site configurations suffered the problem of duplicate emails.
We apologize for this, we blame Brexit (for everything), and the problem has been identified and fixed.

What's Else

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    Security update. You can read more about it in the docs.
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    You can now add comments to items in hierarchy without Gemini crashing.
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    Organizations can now be updated via the REST API.
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    We default language and timezone for new users if these are not set, so no weird behaviour is experienced by new users.
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    And other minor bug fixes.

Upgrade Now

  • Download the latest Gemini product release. We would urge all our customers who use Office 365 to upgrade to this release and configure and test their OAuth connection before Basic Authentication is deprecated by Microsoft.
  • View the complete Change Log in our Gemini instance.

Our People & Process Mission

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Take The Pain From Mundane

  • Automate the hell out of routine so you stay focused on your day job and go home on time.

Channel Noise & Interruptions

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Care For Your Stakeholders

  • Build bridges that manage the different flows so you don’t get snarled up in stakeholder traffic.