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Gemini v7.1.0 - Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox OAuth and Customer Self Service.

03rd July 2020

You can now authenticate Office 365 mailboxes using OAuth. Customers can close their ticket without having to log in.

What's New

OAuth Integration Through Azure with Microsoft Office 365

This is a critical update, as Microsoft stated its intention to withdraw support for Basic Authentication (Username and Password) in the future.
Google and other service providers will follow suit, and the next release of Gemini will also support Google's OAuth implementation, so watch out for it.
Check out the documentation for details of how to implement OAuth for Microsoft 365.

Customer Self Service - Close Ticket Template

Gemini now gives you the option to let customer's help themselves, to send you responses, and even to close their own tickets on a special Close Ticket Template.

Breeze Option to Improve Email Throughput Performance

Previous versions of Gemini have read all messages in a mailbox to ensure that Gemini processes every message that it has not read,
regardless of whether the message might have been read by an individual or another system.
Now users have the option to declare that a mailbox is read exclusively by Gemini, and configure Gemini to only process unread messages,
greatly improving performance for such system mailboxes. Please note, this feature is not supported by POP mailboxes and you must use IMAP, Exchange, or OAuth.

What's Else

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    User Visibility Groups have been added to Rules and Actions' conditional checks.
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    Long list of Rules running over multiple pages can now be ordered.
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    You can't create a tooltip that's longer than what Gemini can display.
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    Run History in Sentry now exports the run date.
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    Organizations have been added to the view of users so you can see who belong to which organization.

Upgrade Now

  • Download the latest Gemini product release. We would urge all our customers who use Office 365 to upgrade to this release and configure and test their OAuth connection before Basic Authentication is deprecated by Microsoft.
  • View the complete Change Log in our Gemini instance.

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