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Latest Gemini release v7.5.0 — June 2024

Gemini v6.9.2 — .NET Framework Upgrade, System Log Improvements and SLA in Mobile Apps

.NET 4.7.2

To upgrade to this release you will need to have .NET 4.7.2 installed on the Gemini server. Please see our pre-requisites This will allow you to write Gemini apps using the latest .NET framework, thus utilizing the latest packages available.

In addition to the standard installation steps, if you are overwriting an existing installation, we recommend you delete apps that are already deployed and let Gemini reinstall them.


  • Navigate to the App_Data\Apps folder on the web server and delete all folders in that directory (not the zip files)
  • Recycle the Application Pool that Gemini is using in IIS, this will force re-deployment of the apps

System Log Improvements

We have made life easier for Gemini administrators tracking down messages in the system log by adding a filtering option. You can now filter by message source, which is a dynamically generated list of application areas that have generated entries in the log.

For example: Breeze, Excel Reports etc. You can also filter by dates or perform a keyword search.

System Log Filter

SLA in Mobile Apps

A new release of the mobile apps brings in SLA viewing support. You can now see the time left on the ticket list and when viewing a specific ticket.

Other Changes

  • Numerous bug fixes

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