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Latest Gemini release v7.3.0 — January 2022

Gemini v6.9.1 — Rich Text Editor Refresh and an API Fix

Refreshed Rich Text Editor

The TinyMCE upgrade, released in 6.9.0, required users to clear their browser cache. This is no longer necessary and Gemini admins don't have to tell people how to do this.

Rich Text Editor

Using the API to Create an Item with a Parent

The second minor change is that when an item was created with a parent using the API, Gemini would audit the event, but hadn't set the Project ID. This created a constraint violation. The API will now log the correct Project ID.

Other Changes

  • Improved SLA diagnostics - for those of us who occasionally have to look under the hood
  • Improved logic to prevent strange behaviour if raw HTML is pasted directly into the description field

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