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Gemini v6.9.0 - Workspace Management, User-definable External Links, Rich Text Editor upgrade, Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

21st December 2018

Gemini 6.9.0 gives administrators more control over Workspaces, including the ability to create Workspace-style links to external pages. To complement 6.8.5's ability to add Canned Comments (even on the fly) and to go full screen, we have upgraded the TinyMCE editor to the latest version in preparation for further enhancements in future releases.

What's New

Upgraded Workspace Management

We've added custom Workspaces so you can create links to external sites, allowed you to define a default Workspace for Portal users, so you can control the immediate
view of a new user (see additional Portal User Restriction controls in 6.8.5 Product News), and something many of you have been asking for - the ability for admins
to take / change ownership of any Workspace in the system.

Given the broad spectrum of new Workspace functionality, we think the best thing to do is to guide you to the documentation where you can read about
Custom Workspaces, the Default Workspace and Workspace Ownership.
Custom Workspaces
Default Workspace Workspace Ownership

Upgraded Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editor
Looks nicer, loads faster, more functionally rich, and more stable. What's not to like about TinyMCE's latest version?

What Else

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    Improved SLA diagnostics - for those of us who occasionally have to look under the hood.
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    Improved logic to prevent strange behaviour if raw HTML is pasted directly into the description field.

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