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Gemini v6.7.1 - Ticketing Enhancements, Merge Users, Workflow Improvements and Bug Fixes.

4th March 2016

What's New

Merge Users

You can now merge users so all items created by the first user are moved to the second.
Merge Users

Workflow Improvements

We have added the ability to allow free movement of statuses between each other, avoiding the need to connect each one.
Workflow Improvements

Tickets - Show Full Name

When a ticket is created via email Gemini will show you the email address. We now include the full name if it's available.
Tickets full name

Move to Sequence Zone

You can now right click on an item and move it to the bottom of the sequence zone.
Sequence Zone

What's Changed

  • tick
    Gemini will now default the "Reply From" address for a non-email created ticket to the project's email address as defined in Customize -> Ticketing -> Reply From.
  • tick
    We have allowed the ability to log time in the future, which can be restricted by enabling the "Disable Future Time Logging" app.
  • tick
    Actions now allow to set the resource and version fields to none.
  • tick
    We have added a copy rule button to allow you to create similar rules & actions.
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    Importing test case steps will now sort the steps in the same order as the import file.
  • tick
    Code commit now allows users to log time by putting it after the id token: GEM:123 01:00.

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