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Latest Gemini release v7.4.0 — September 2023

Gemini v6.5.0 — Merge Tickets, Switch SLA, Rules & Actions Enhancements

Merge Tickets

You can now merge multiple tickets by searching for them, linking them and closing those merged tickets.
Gemini will combine all the descriptions and comments into the merged ticket.

Merging Tickets

See Email Reply Recipients

The details of the email reply are now visible against the comment for that reply.

Email Reply Details

Other Changes

  • SLA can be changed by editing the item or using rules & actions
  • Burndown now takes the item's start and due dates if there is no sprint selected
  • Email action to the reporter will now look at the source of the item first
  • Gemini will only add an email reply as a comment if the subject contains an existing project code
  • You can now set an action to calculate the percent complete field based on logged vs estimated time

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