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Latest Gemini release v7.5.0 — January 2024

Gemini v6.3.0 — Performance Improvements & Individual Follower Notifications

Individual Follower Notifications

Users can configure their follower notifications to be sent as single email per item.

Individual follower alerts

Performance Improvements

Users with a large number of notifications in their workspace can now edit that workspace much faster.

The user picker field now auto-completes the username when creating, editing an item or configuring security.

User auto-complete

Rally Software Import

Gemini can now import projects, releases, stories, defects and tasks directly from Rally Software.

Rally import app

Other Changes

  • Google authentication will need to be re-configured, see: Google Authentication using OAuth 2.0
  • Improved workspace support for the Timesheet app
  • Repeat editing fixes
  • Dependenceis now only shown to users who are allowed to view it
  • Board card sequencing is only allowed for the workspace owner

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