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Latest Gemini release v7.5.0 — January 2024

Gemini v6.2.1 — Rules and Checklist App

Rules & Action Improvements

Email tokens have been added to allow sending emails to the issue resource, reporter or followers. Browse the documentation.

Checklist App

We have added the ability to customize the checklist app's list per template.

Checklist App

Breeze Ticketing

You can now add the operator's signature to the reply template. Browse the documentation.

Other Changes

  • SLA - You can now specify more than 99 hours for response time
  • Rich Text Editor - We have fixed quite a few issues with the rich text editor and internet explorer. Performance has been significantly improved
  • Inline Editing - Gemini will now prompt you to save changes if you didn't save or cancel your edits
  • Active Directory - The active directory override switches have been moved from the web.config file to the AD setup screen. Browse the documentation

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