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Latest Gemini release v7.4.0 — September 2023

Gemini v6.10.0 — Multi-Language Email Alert Templates and Email Reply Improvements

Multi Language Alert Templates

Alert templates are now multi-language and Gemini will select an alert Template for a user-related alert (resource assignment is an example) based on the user's language setting. If no match is found for the user, the default will be used.

Email Reply Improvements

We lock the Email Reply in Breeze so two users cannot simultaneously respond to the same item without being informed that this might occur.
Users updating an item will see if another user has/is also viewing the item.

New Russian and Polish Translations Added

To go with the work on multi-language, we have added support for Russian and Polish to Gemini and will be releasing Greek in version 7, due out in Q1 / 2020.

Workspace Refresh Interval

We have added a new setting in web.config to allow system administrators to control the frequency with which Gemini checks for Workspace updates. The value is in milliseconds and the default, which matches the current setting in code, is 60 seconds.

Other Changes

  • Report Server locking is now implemented with a new table (gemini_systemlocks) that prevents two servers simultaneously producing Excel reports
  • Once an Org ID has been set on the creation of an item, subsequent modification of the item by a user whose default Org is different from that on the item (the modifying user has access to multiple Orgs) will not result in a change of the original Org on the item. It can be said the that Org on an item is immutable, like the Creation Timestamp on the item
  • In the Customize section, Gemini was not deleting Custom Fields in external tables unless they were on the first page of a list. This is fixed
  • We removed trailing spaces from Keyword searches, which caused them to fail to find valid values
  • We ensure Custom Fields are saved via the Create Item API
  • We now save and display a timestamp in Sentry (Testing) relating to the exact time Test Steps are passed/failed. The date shown previously was just the item revision date
  • We now display a meaningful error if the GUID is not set on a custom app attributes

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