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Latest Gemini release v7.5.0 — January 2024

Gemini v6.0.0 — Workspaces, Team Chat, Metrics Dashboard, Sidebar


The App-Nav concept first introduced in v5 has reached vision completion: personal and team workspaces that can be customized and shared with co-workers.
Team workspaces ensure that co-workers see what you want them to see in terms of data and layout.
Workspaces can include data from one or more projects and by using workspaces you gain access to the new Side Bar.


The Side Bar

The Gemini UI has steadily evolved during the course of 2013 but with a clear purpose.
The all-new Side Bar provides quick access to reports, metrics, team chat and a bird's eye view of all resources within the workspace.

Side bar view

Side Bar: Team Chat

Team Chat provides instant-messaging capability for every team workspace.
Chat to co-workers who also have access to the team workspace, reference item Id's and much more functionality is planned for team chat moving forwards.

Team Chat

Side Bar: Metrics Dashboard

Probably the most popular of all new features: real-time, instant, dashboard that automatically calculates and plots numbers, charts and even burndown graphs.

Instant Metrics

Side Bar: People

Need to see who is loaded up with work (and who is not)?
The new People tab shows work breakdown based upon the current active filter: select any number of projects and filter your data any way you like.


Personal Dashboard

A home page for everyone: see your activity within Gemini and which projects you can access.


Empty State

If you have no data then the new empty state experience will fill in the void.

Empty State

Your Logo!

Upload your corporate logo, use the Gemini logo, or remove it completely.

Upload your logo

Visual Studio & TFS 2013 Support

Gemini connectors for Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013.

Android App

The Gemini mobile app for Android has been updated and now supports creating new items, camera screenshot capture and attachments upload.

Add New...

Meet the re-vamped 'Add' button for creating new items, projects and workspaces.

New Item

Filter Everywhere

Every page now has the instant cross-project filter and changes to the filter carry forward to other views.

Filter Everywhere

Projects Menu

Given that the filter is on every page, the Projects menu has been replaced with the option to find and select any number of projects in the filter itself.

Project menu removed

Email Ticket & Reply: Source Tracking

Email ticketing scenarios now report the actual incoming email address that created or replied to a ticket.

Email Ticketing

View Item

The new item toolbar provides quick access to key actions.

View item toolbar

Excel Reports

Re-vamped Excel based reports including improvements to Time Reporting.


The documents tab is now an optional App that can be disabled or enabled as required.

Rich Text Editor

The WYSIWYG editor has been updated to include more formatting options.

Rich text editor

Other Changes

  • Numerous bug fixes

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