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Gemini v5.4.3 - Custom Field & Sentry Enhancements + Android Mobile App

16th September 2013

The 10th Gemini update this year leads the way with the first release of the Gemini mobile app for Android.

Android Mobile App

Starting today, you can now view your issues on your Android enabled mobile phone (requires Gemini 5.4.3).

Android App

Your saved App-Nav cards provide a great way to navigate around the things that matter the most to you.

Android Preview

This initial release supports item viewing and adding of comments.

The next release will enable creating and editing of items.

View on Google Play

Sentry - Testing Enhancements + Unit Testing Support

Over a dozen improvements have been made to simplify and expand the test management capability within Gemini.

Unit Test Support

Link your .NET unit tests with Gemini to automatically record pass/fail status and even raise big reports when things don't go to plan!

Unit Testing

Test Case Search & Add

Find and re-use existing test cases and link them to your test plan en masse.

Test Case

Resume & Retry Test Runs

Significant speed improvements mean quicker test step execution.
You can now resume pending test runs and retry failed test runs.

Resume and retry runs

Enhanced Test Case Run View

Add attachments, expand to view test case detail inline and the Cancel button.

Test Runner

Streamlined Test Run History

A more compact and cleaner display of run history.

Run History

Multi-line Test Steps & Results

Support for providing multi-line text for test steps and associated test results.

Multi-line test steps and results

Custom Field Enhancements

The new auto-complete option for list-based custom fields allows users to quickly select from large data lists.

Auto-complete custom fields

15+ Enchancements

With over 15 enhancements, tweaks and usability improvements, this release is a recommended upgrade.

Upgrade Now

  • This is a recommended upgrade for your existing Gemini installation.
  • Download the latest Gemini product release.
  • View the complete Change Log in our Gemini instance.
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