Gemini v5.4.2 - It'a all about Agile

12th August 2013

The 9th Gemini update this year has a clear focus on AGILE.

Multi-Sprint Agile Burndown & Burn-up Charts

Want to see progress across multiple sprints event across multiple projects? No problem.
Gemini gives you complete flexibility to plot burndown and burn-up charts only using the data points you care about.

Multi sprint agile burndown an and burnup charts

Enhanced Burn Charts

The new trend line tells you when you will complete your sprint if you continue at the current work pace.
The burndown and burn-up charts can plot by items, hours or points.

Burndown Chart

Sprint Velocity Chart: Averages & Capacity

Want to see how well your team did on each sprint historically? The all-new Velocity chart shows the average number of items completed in the last 10 sprints.
This kind of information is fantastic for understanding your average sprint work capacity.

Velocity Chart

Estimate Your Ship Date!

Gemini now tells you when you will be ready given the current pace of work.
Use the estimate, logged and remaining numbers to track your progress.

Estimate your ship date

20+ Enchancements

With over 20 enhancements, tweaks and usability improvements, this release is a must-have upgrade.

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