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5.3 Release: - Instant Search 2.0, Inline Editing, Cool Cards

13th June 2013

Hot on the heels of 5.2, the latest release brings killer capabilities to make issue tracking, help desk ticketing and agile project management even easier.

Instant Search 2.0

The new way to search and filter puts you in control - keyboard user, mouse user, large or small projects.
Choose whether to filter by typing or point-clicking, always delivering instant search results.
Custom fields duplicated across project templates are now consolidated to display just once in both the filter and the grid.

Instant Search

Inline Editing

Just point-click-change any field you like.
Be it on the items grid or when viewing an item, inline editing means you can make changes and get back to your day job.
Gemini is still the only product in it's class to allow inline editing of any field including custom fields.

Inline Editing

App-Nav Shortcuts: Naming, Color-coding & Grid Column Persistence

App-Nav continues to evolve into something that keeps people productive.
So now you can name and color code your cards to match the way you want to organize your projects.
Now the chosen grid columns are also persisted with your card so others see what you see.

AppNav color coding

Time Reporting, Item History, RESTful API Changes and more...

Time reporting has been improved to show roll-ups across projects that utilize different project templates.
Fully readable item history logs have been implemented.
The custom fields REST API has been improved to support filtering by custom data for projects with different project templates. This is a breaking change that affects existing Custom Field API users.

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