Gemini 5.1.9 - All new App-Nav, Scheduled Reports, Email Alert Change Logs and more

10th May 2013

We are pleased to announce the 5.1.9 release which brings top requested features and capabilities around App-Nav and email alerts. This release also contains over 12 bug fixes.

All-new App-Nav Options

Every App-Nav card now has a popup options box packed with sharing and subscription features.

AppNav options

You can select your own email alert preferences, subscribe others and receive scheduled reports.

AppNav Emails

Scheduled Reports

Receive Excel reports of what's new or changed directly to your inbox.

Scheduled Reports

Change Logs Inside Email Alerts

See exactly what changed on every item right inside email notifications.

Email change log

Batched or Individual Email Alerts

You can now receive an email for every item that changed or one summary email.

Email alerts

Subscribe Co-workers & Customers

You can now subscribe others to receive email notifications.

Subscribe co-workers

Subject Line Customization

Tune the subject line used for email alerts with powerful token replacements.

Alert subject line customization

Badge Notifications

See exactly what changed within Gemini and choose to share or follow changed items.

Badge notifications

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