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Latest Gemini release v7.3.0 — January 2022

Gemini v7.2.0 — OAuth 2 / Google App Passwords, Responsive UI upgrades, and a problem solved

Gemini now supports OAuth 2 for Gmail users, as well as the much simpler but equally secure Google App Passwords. iPhone and Android Apps are deprecated in favor of a more responsive grid and a single code base that we shall continue to improve.

Gemini v7.1.0 — OAuth for Microsoft Office 365 and Customer Self Service

You can now authenticate Office 365 mailboxes using OAuth. Customers can close their ticket without having to log in.

Gemini v7.0.0 — New UI, Better Navigation and Item Pinning

The Grid and View Item pages have been given a complete overhaul, and we have added a key piece of functionality to make tracking work easier for users.

Gemini v6.10.0 — Multi Language Email Alert Templates and Email Reply Improvements

Gemini 6.10.0 is a release around multi language and email reply improvements.

Gemini v6.9.2 — .NET 4.7.2 & SLA in Mobile Apps

Gemini 6.9.2 is mainly an upgrade to the latest .NET Framework, 4.7.2. We have also made improvements for administrators in the system log area. A new release of our mobile apps is out too.

Gemini v6.9.1 — Rich Text Editor Refresh & API Fix

Gemini v6.9.1 is a minor release to address a couple of issues found in 6.9.0. Now users don't need to perform "hard" browser refresh to use the new rich text editor. Also a bug when creating an item with a parent via the API has been fixed.

Gemini v6.9.0 — Workspace Management, User-definable External Links and Rich Text Editor Upgrade

Administrators more control over Workspaces, including the ability to create Workspace-style links to external pages. We have also upgraded the rich text editor to the latest version in preparation for further enhancements in future releases.

Gemini v6.8.5 — Canned Responses, SLA & Organization Security Enhancements and New Portal User Restrictions

Latest release gives more control to administrators - more control over Portal Users, reusable comments and descriptions, controlled access by organization membership, new iPhone and Android apps, and selected apps from our partners.

Gemini v6.8.1 — Project Management Improvements, ADFS Integration, New UI for Taxonomy and Translations

Project Managers get control over project resources, Gemini supports ADFS for Azure deployments, and no more manual editing of Resource XML files.

Gemini v6.7.1 — Ticketing Enhancements, Merge Users, Workflow Improvements and Bug Fixes

Specify default "Reply From" for each project. See the full name of the user who has send the email in the ticket.

Gemini v6.7 - Report Permissions, Search Improvements, New Android App, Expanded Rules and Actions and more

Specify per report which groups are allowed to view and execute it. A new Gemini Android app has been released to support help desk.

Gemini v6.6 — Canned Responses, Search & Reporting Improvements, Enhanced Rules and Actions, and more

Create pre-defined responses to tickets with the ability to customize the response per ticket.

Gemini v6.5 — Merge Tickets, Switch SLA, Rules and Actions Enhancements

Merge multiple tickets into a single ticket and escalate SLA.

Gemini v6.4.2 — Read Only Permission, Reporting Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Restrict users to have read only access to your projects by assigning the new "Read Only" permission.

Gemini v6.4.1 — BitBucket Integration and Organizations API

Associate your BitBucket code commits with Gemini items and perform code review when viewing the item in Gemini.

Gemini v6.4.0 — Introducing Organizations, Administrator Change Log and Security Audit

Users within an organization can now view each others tickets. Administrators can easily see who has changed any setting in Gemini.

Gemini v6.3.0 — Performance Improvements & Individual Follower Notifications

Users can now configure their followers notifications to be sent once per item.

Gemini v6.2.2 — Slack Integration & Active Directory Enhancements

Rules and actions can be triggered from custom fields, AD user attributes can be imported and Slack integration!

Gemini v6.2.1 — Rules/Actions Improvements and Re-vamped Checklist App

Customize the checklist app per template.

Gemini v6.2 — SLA, Rules & Actions, Timesheet and QuickEntry Apps

Introducing SLA, Rules & Actions, Timesheet and QuickEntry Apps.

Gemini v6.1 — New App Framework and more

Introducing the new App framework, DocStore, Roadmap and Changelog apps.

Gemini v6.0 — Workspaces, Team Chat, Metrics Dashboard, Sidebar & more

Introducing Workspaces, filter everywhere, team chat, metrics dashboard, Side Bar and more.

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