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Best practice guides covering a cross-section of people, process and workflow topics

Download the guides that you require to help you improve the way IT and the business interact. These interactions can vary from team to team and project to project.
Getting Productive With Team Workspaces Guide

Capture requirements, track progress and collaborate in private or shared workspaces - even scheduled reporting

Ticketing and Service Desk Field Guide

Combining ticketing with issue tracking kills the conundrum of supporting the business and shielding the delivery team

Essential Bug and Issue Tracking Guide

Flexible data capture, custom fields, customizable workflow, auto notifications and quick-start templates

Painless Time Management Guide

Combine time tracking with streamlined workflow processes to maximize efficiency of the IT-business

Nimble Test Management Guide

Complete test management so that testers can associate their work with development activity and incidents

Basics of Going Scrum Guide

Your agile processes any way you like them and what to expect from a agile planning environment

Custom Reports Guide

How to build custom reports in Gemini to get the information you need the way you and your stakeholders need it

Essence of an Agile Planning Board Guide

Planning boards for visual task management - lane limits, card limits, dual axes and dynamic rows

Mastering Rules and Actions Guide

Leveraging a rules engine to help you define complex conditional checks with actions, routing and data manipulation

Taming Service Level Agreements Guide

Why and how to define different levels of customer treatment so you can meet your obligations and focus on what matters

Making Workflow Work for You Guide

How to control and manage status transitions of any process, regardless of complexity or team mix

Going ITIL Guide

Automate all inbound and outbound communication so that every stakeholder is part of the feedback loop

High Availability Guide

Scale up and run Gemini in a cluster to make sure that the web app is always available

Develop Event Apps Guide

Gemini allows you to execute your own code when an operation such as create, edit, update or delete happens

Develop API Apps Guide

Gemini allows you to extend its API by adding your own RESTful API endpoints to achieve your goals

Develop Full Page Apps Guide

Create your own views of the data in Gemini to show what matters to you and secure it by user groups

Develop Timer Apps Guide

Run your code at specific intervals. So you can synchronize data with other system and check data in Gemini

Develop Timer Apps Guide

Show your own data within a Gemini item. Now integrations with other systems becomes a breeze

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Our People & Process Mission

Centralize Know-how & Intel

  • Focus the right minds with the right intel on the right subject so you can achieve the impossible.

Take The Pain From Mundane

  • Automate the hell out of routine so you stay focused on your day job and go home on time.

Channel Noise & Interruptions

  • Turn down the noise from email and high maintenance models so you can think and work in peace.

Care For Your Stakeholders

  • Build bridges that manage the different flows so you don’t get snarled up in stakeholder traffic.