User-defined Rules and Actions

Your Own Actions When Something is Added or Changes

Is there anything worse than needing your Helpdesk or Issue Tracker to be just a little bit more helpful and then finding you not only have to plead for a developer to reprogram it, the minute you do so you're stuck on the version you've got, because you've only gone and 'customized' it.

You can customize Gemini to your heart's content without touching the core and trapping yourself on Version Archaic 1.0, used by Noah to construct the ark. For simple things, like needing to add a field to Gemini to capture data that's unique to your needs, or making Gemini do something in response to a field having a particular value, all you need is the right level of permissions and 5 minutes on our documentation site.

If you've read about Gemini's SLA, you'll know it's a predefined subset of Gemini's Rules and Actions. Rules and Actions lets you define a condition in the data, perform a test, and based on that test you can perform one or more of the following actions:

  • Set a field value
  • Set a custom field value
  • Send an email
  • Deny the user the ability to create the item or make the change, with a veto message (which can be set up in multiple languages)
  • Put the item into SLA
  • For an item in SLA
    • Switch SLA and keep the elapsed time or reset the clock
    • Start the SLA clock
    • Stop the SLA clock
    • Resume the SLA clock
    • Pause the SLA clock

That's not a bad list of things to be able to do without anybody writing a single line of code. Since setting field values can move items to and from Workspaces, and since Workspaces can trigger email notifications and reports to groups of users, even the long list above isn't fully comprehensive.

Our People & Process Mission

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