Full Blown RESTful API to Integrate with Your Own Systems

If you're a veteran software developer you can skip to the bottom of this page, click the link to the doc site, and you're done. If you're not, then all you really need to know is that RESTful doesn't just mean calm and peaceful, it also stands for Representational State Transfer and signifies a standard for letting you read and write to Gemini that means Countersoft is responsible for making sure your integration works efficiently and can't break anything.

For the non-technical, who know that integration is an important aspect of a product's capability and a good demonstration of its maturity, we recommend you get your development team to peruse out RESTful API documentation and to share their opinion on just how comprehensive it is.

Gemini's RESTful API does (or lets you do, to be more precise) too many things to list here, but here are two facts that should put your mind at rest:

  1. We host Gemini for many of our customers and the REST API is their only programmatic means of getting data into and out of their instances, as we don't give direct access to the server or the backend database to anyone
  2. Gemini's RESTful API has been used for over a decade by organizations large and small, self-hosted or hosted by us. This is your indicator that it is:
    1. Robust
    2. Comprehensive
    3. Scalable
    4. Well documented

Enough said. Get into the docs below.

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