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Our Apps are Open Source

It's nice when to hear you can take a product and make it your own. It's easy, you just need to rip the casing apart, plug the bleeding hole you've made, pay a squillion dollars for some course we've invented (in Parts I, II, and III). That's not easy; that's tedious, that's slow, that's expensive.

What is easy is when a vendor says 'you see that piece of functionality you just used as a core part of this application; its source code can be found over here. If you want to change its behaviour or you want to write something like it, take the code, start from a place that is known and proven to work, et voila!' This is what you do with Gemini. You take the code for an Event App, like the one that automatically changes the status if the Resource field is populated, or a Timer App, like the Email Notification Engine, or a UI app like Checklist, you look at its code, and you replicate 90% of its functionality because nobody programs anything from scratch who has a proper job to do.

Gemini's Open Source Apps, all of which are in the Gemini product you use, can be found by navigating to from where you can choose to download Event Apps, Timer Apps or UI Apps. All apps are C# Project Solutions hosted on GitHub. Like Countersoft, many of our Apps have been in use for years, so you start your customization knowing there's not a glitch in sight in the code you're basing it on.

Gemini has 4 types of extensions

1. Event Apps

Event apps run when something has happened in Gemini. So you could 'listen' to item updated event.

Example: if someone changes something on a closed ticket or task, reopen it.
Example: if the Resource field is populated, set the status to Assigned.

These are just tow of the basic Event Apps you will find pre-loaded into Gemini.

2. Timer Apps

As the name implies, Timer Apps run on a schedule. Email Notifications, SLA checking and AD Synchronization are just 3 of the in-built Timer Apps.

3. UI Apps

Need a fully functioning data capture screen, as if Gemini had another page? Write a UI APP. We did. The Project Summary App that you can add to any Workspace, which gives you graphical presentation of data and lets you filter and find, is a UI App.

You can extend an item view by adding a property on the left hand side or a new tab at the bottom just like the 'Email Reply' tab!

4. API Apps

You can create new API's within Gemini that will return the information you need. You can control authentication and routing.

With our App Framework you don't need to worry about security, deployment, data storage etc. It's all been done for you. It's the fastest way to plug your logic into our application without touching the core and creating an upgrade nightmare for yourself.

If you want us to deliver custom functionality then our developers will almost certainly use the App Framework, so there is never an instance of custom development that impacts on a customer's ability to seamless upgrade to the next release.

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