Gemini's SLA Timers

Service Level Agreements Done Right


Even the simplest problems take time to resolve. A Gemini principle is that most work should be managed on a clock. What most people care about is when problems will be resolved, not if they will be resolved, which is taken for granted.

You don't need to have legal and commercial agreements to ensure important work is done in a given timeframe (or someone will know all about it), you simply need to enable Gemini's SLA capability in your projects and start tracking when work starts, stops, resumes, and pauses.

What starts, stops, resumes and pauses a clock?

The simple answer is - you decide. You can start, stop, pause, and resume an SLA clock in reaction to a work item being created, updated, or in response to it acquiring a given status or value. You might decide to always start a clock on every item in a project, or to start a clock only if the item is from a known source, or if it reaches a certain priority or severity, or you might decide to test a combination of factors. Starting clocks, stopping clocks, pausing clocks, resuming clocks, sending out email notifications, and setting field values, even values on your own Custom Fields, is entirely up to you. Gemini's SLA is a subset of Gemini's Rules and Actions, making it the most flexible SLA tool in the market today.

What about days off and weekends?

For those slackers who can't be bothered to work 24 x 7 x 365 LIKE THEY KNOW THEY SHOULD 😊, Gemini has a working calendar. When you set up an SLA, you tell it what calendar to use (a calendar isn't mandatory), and when you're not officially working the clock will be paused.

How many SLA clocks and calendars can I have?

As many as you can sensibly manage. In fact, Gemini's SLA is so flexible that it can test data conditions on an item and on that basis move the item from one SLA to another, leaving the clock ticking, or resetting it, as you wish. This means an item can come in on say a Bronze SLA, take some time to be triaged, be found to be an item that belongs on a Silver SLA, and be moved, with the elapsed time kept ticking or the clock restarted from scratch.

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