Email to Ticket Conversion

Full Helpdesk Capabilities

Capturing Inbound Communications

Gemini can be configured to process email inboxes, converting emails into tickets. Inbound emails with attachments will have those attachments created at the ticket level (Gemini supports attachments at the ticket and individual comment levels).

One of the major advantages of Gemini's email ticketing is that you don't need to set up every (or any) person who emails in an issue as a user, not even to respond to them automatically or manually from within Gemini. Gemini tracks the email address(es) on the inbound email and creates a ticket with the source stored. A Gemini user can respond directly to the sender(s) from Gemini via email, and all communication to and fro is stored as comments on the original ticket, so you never lose sight of the source or progression of a ticket.

In the creation of a ticket from an email, Gemini will let you:

  • Specify a target project and ticket type for each mailbox
  • Default values in fields for newly created items
  • Decide if you want a new email source to automatically be created as a new user
  • Create user-defined Rules and Actions to set field values using logic and/or trigger emails
  • Trigger an SLA clock, initiating a countdown to response. Gemini supports an unlimited number of SLAs and you can put an item on a specific SLA based on the domain or specific email address of the source. For example - if an email is from put it on Gold Level SLA, but if it comes from put it on Platinum Level SLA, and if it is neither of these put it on Standard SLA
  • Reject unwanted and spam emails based on user-defined regex rules
  • Route inbound emails to the appropriate person/group by combining Gemini's ability to inspect email content using a 'contains' clause, with Gemini's powerful Workspace filters, which can be set to collect Tickets matching specific data values, whether tickets currently exist with those values or not
  • Define individual or group notifications and/or reports whenever a ticket from a specified source, or a ticket with specific content, is created

Responding to Customers

Gemini's email-to-ticket capability uses configurable Alert Templates, so you can not only notify users when items come in, but you can also respond automatically to customers when a ticket is created, thanking them for their email, letting them know you're on the case, and giving them a ticket reference so you and they are always on the same page. The one ticket will capture any and all future communication, supressing unnecessary 'noise', duplication, and avoiding misunderstanding around issues.

Gemini's Alert Templates contain item placeholders, so you can decide what fields on a ticket to include, both in your initial response and in any ongoing communication.

Gemini's ticketing module is called Breeze, and it is a core part of the Gemini product. Using Gemini's extensible App Framework, you can enable, on any project you like regardless of whether its contents were created by email or not, the Breeze Reply component. This lets you communicate with your customers from a work item (usually but not always a Ticket) in Gemini. If you have the permission, and you configure Gemini to do this, you can even reply as different people.

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