Automatic Replies and Notifications

Keep Your Customers Informed and Control Your Own Notifications

Gemini's core principle, and the reason it differs from every other helpdesk system in its class, is it is built on Workspaces, and Workspaces bring your work to you. Work, as represented by work items for your attention, is neatly contained within the items the Workspace filters into view. Of course users can wear different hats within an organisation, which is why you can have as many Workspaces as you need, and Workspaces can be shared and secured.

Gemini users and their customers, internal or external, cannot always be logged into the system, which is why Gemini makes extensive use of alerts and notifications. Gemini can be configured to send out emails under the following conditions:

  • A new item is created and comes into a Workspace
  • An item in a Workspace is updated or commented on
  • An end user needs to know an email has been accepted and a ticket created
  • A Resource is assigned to a work item. Gemini supports single or multiple resource assignment methods on a per project basis. You can also have users in Gemini who cannot be assigned work, so nobody accidentally asks the CEO to go fix the printer
  • Something changes on a work item on which you are marked as a 'follower'
  • A scheduled report runs, at which time it will go automatically to the Workspace owner, who can also set up a group distribution list

Some of these notifications give you the option that they be triggered immediately, on an item-by-item basis; otherwise they are batched and sent out on a schedule you control.

For each notification, Gemini has an Alert Template. Alert Templates are multi-language, meaning that you can have email alerts going to users and customers in the language that matches their user profile (Gemini is a multi-language application, this feature is simply another example of this). If Gemini doesn't find an alert template in the language of the user, it uses the generic default, which will be in the base language of the Gemini instance.

Our People & Process Mission

Centralize Know-how & Intel

  • Focus the right minds with the right intel on the right subject so you can achieve the impossible.

Take The Pain From Mundane

  • Automate the hell out of routine so you stay focused on your day job and go home on time.

Channel Noise & Interruptions

  • Turn down the noise from email and high maintenance models so you can think and work in peace.

Care For Your Stakeholders

  • Build bridges that manage the different flows so you don’t get snarled up in stakeholder traffic.