Compelling alternative to Pivotal Tracker

Gemini brings more power, open API and plugin framework — SaaS or Self-host

1. Power Planner

Visual planning that scales

Things can get a little hectic when managing large projects and teams. Gemini's agile Board sets the benchmark for visual task management with Lane Limits, Card Limits, Color Bys, Dual Axes, Dynamic Rows and more. Scrum, Kanban or any methodology you are using, Gemini can do it.

2. Batteries Included

Testing & Traceability

Gemini brings complete test plan management so that Testers can associate their work with development activity and customer incidents.

3. Help Desk

Convert emails to tickets

Your problems start when you have customers. Gemini can intercept inbound support emails, turn them into tickets, sent an acknowledge email to the customer and notify the relevant people.

4. Good Grid

Work Scheduling

Getting people to follow the correct work order can be challenging. Simply drag-drop to define who should do what and in what sequence even if you are planning work across multiple projects and teams.

5. Cross-Project

Dependency Management

Deep, cross-project linking brings dependency visibility and the ability to control workflow states.

Streamline your work management. Start with Gemini today.

Cloud pricing starts from just $10 per user per month.
Self-host perpetual pricing starts from just $850 for 10 users.

Leading brands trust Gemini to run business operations
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