About Us

Who We Are

Our Products

Our products are used by start-ups, SMEs, Fortune 2000 enterprises, government departments, educational bodies, not-for-profits and charities around the globe.

We support Open Source projects with free licenses to help them maximize their limited resources and time.

About Us

We are enterprise guys by nature and we work to solve everyday problems around people, process, workflow and noise.

The company mission statement is pretty straight-forward: We Help You Get Stuff Done Quicker.

First With A Vision

Here’s a list of first-to-market capabilities that helped our customers get stuff done quicker.


Public and private workspaces supporting rules, actions, SLAs, tickets and comprehensive issue tracking

Browser Based Code Review

Browser-based code review for TFS 2010, 2012, GitHub and Subversion without needing IDE


Pin-share approach to help people bookmark and receive real-time change notifications

Instant Cross-project Searching

Instant cross-project searching that displayed real-time results as you change the search criteria

Screent Capture & Time Recording

Screen capture and stop-watch time recording inside Visual Studio to help developers


A real REST API that handled user permissions to allow people to build add-ons for Gemini

Dynamic Filters

Dynamic project filters for complete cross-project search to kill refresh page messages

Inline Editing

Inline editing when everyone else gave you a cumbersome pop-up edit box


Meet the team behind Countersoft who believe you should go home on time.

Dele Sikuade, CEO & Co-founder

Enterprise sales. Consulting. Dotcom boom-bust veteran.

Saar Cohen, Development & Co-founder

Hard-core engineering. Performance. Scaling. Troubleshooting.

Harvey Kandola, Founder

Product vision. Hacker. UX/UI. Occasionally speak.

Our People & Process Mission

Centralize Know-how & Intel

  • Focus the right minds with the right intel on the right subject so you can achieve the impossible.

Take The Pain From Mundane

  • Automate the hell out of routine so you stay focused on your day job and go home on time.

Channel Noise & Interruptions

  • Turn down the noise from email and high maintenance models so you can think and work in peace.

Care For Your Stakeholders

  • Build bridges that manage the different flows so you don’t get snarled up in stakeholder traffic.